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Crazy for Jane is about Jane, about being crazy for Jane, about siblings and the protagonist of their imagination whom they have sworn to travel the world to serenade. Josepha Conrad and her brother Philipp Conrad grew up in Frankfurt and Chicago, and are currently based in Berlin where the gloomy city of Brecht and historical upheaval inspires their songs. Their music is a desperate serenade underneath your window. It is pop and folk and sometimes a little Jazz. Their songs are fun and poetic and their harmonies unusual and at times dissonant. Their debut album "Desperate Serenade" was released in June 2006.

Also check out Josepha Conrad's solo project Susie Asado!

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Desperate Serenade
Letter to Mr. Smoler

Latest album: "Watermelon Cloud"

Born in 1982 in Oslo, Einar Stenseng was brought up by ex-hippie parents in a house by the Oslo Fjord. He began playing the drums at the tender age of seven, but moved on to guitar a couple of years after, and piano some years after that. Hearing the opening chords of The Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" at the age of thirteen, his life was saved by rock 'n' roll. He dropped out of school at the age of seventeen, to fully indulge in his musical and literary interests. Einar moved to Berlin in 2003 and has been living there since. Enjoying the cheap rent and alcohol of the German capitol, he has become a well-known figure in the underground music scene.

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Latest album: "To The Dogs"

Elisabeth Wood was born in Provo, Utah on June 7, 1977 and is the eldest of six children. She was raised in Antioch and Folsom, California, and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Arts and Letters degree from Portland State University in Oregon, during which time she also sang with the liturgical choir Cantores In Ecclesia. She moved to Berlin in January of 2003 and now considers herself a laborer in language and music education. She writes and records music primarily under her own label, Ghost Face Kill Her. At this time, Elisabeth is planning her fourth U.S. tour and living with her parents and sixteen-year-old sister in California.


Liebe Stefanie

Latest album: "Stories of Fancie"

Kat Frankie spent her youth in the sunburnt suburbs of Sydney, scribing countless songs in her parents’ sweltering attic. She moved to Berlin in December 2004, where she is known for her passionate and dynamic live shows, and a voice capable of illuminating the darker crevices of human interaction – one moment bell-clear and bright, the next roaring, howling and accusing… Kat has released an EP titled “outside.now.” and also appears on several independent compilations from Australia and Germany. Kat has just completed her very first album, “Pocketknife”, which will be released in Europe very soon.

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Latest album: "Pocketknife"

Nathan Vanderpool was born on Groundhog's Day; deep in the cornbelt of Midwest America among 13,000 US citizens, 97 churches, and one book shop. He plays an acoustic guitar he recieved from his father at the age of 20. Dancing about writers is like playing music with an architect.

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In The Park
Salty Tune

Latest album: "For A Foreign Shore"

Thomas Aquino Arif Setiawan Simatupang was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, but he grew up also in Germany and the Netherlands. He mainly plays guitar and drums but also picks up other instruments quite often. May it be for his own projects, or for other bands and musicians. 2001 saw the Indonesian German, like so many young musicians, searching for his identity in Berlin where he spent much time playing Jazz music before meeting other young songwriters and learned to "hear" good english lyrics. Now the 27-year old writes himself "Tomi" and is continuing his search for identity in his birth-city where he learns about traditonal Javanese culture including music, farming and education.

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Simple Game

Latest album: "Blame It On Your Monkey"

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