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photo by (c) Marie Sjoevold www.mariesjovold.no
is a story about six musicians from Berlin's vibrant new folk underground music scene. They came to Berlin from the US, Norway, the Netherlands and Australia and somehow made the city their home. Filmmaker Uli M Schueppel made the artists show him what their very own place in Berlin is and asked each of them to write a song about the city. These reflections and projections on Berlin (or specifically Kreuzberg) merge with the writing process of the songs, recording in the studio and the preparation for a concert with all artists in the club "West Germany". BerlinSong is a poetic portrait of these musicians and at the same time, an atmospheric journey into the myth that is Berlin.

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Biography/Filmography Uli M Schueppel

Uli M Schueppel’s first feature film "Nihil" (1987) premiered at the Hof Film Days in 1988 and won, among others, the Special Jury Award in Montreal (1988) and the 2nd Nino Rota Prize in Trento (1989). He graduated from the Film Academy (dffb) in 1990 with the film "The Road To God Knows Where", a documentary about Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. His next feature film, "Vaterland" (1992), won the OCIC-Award in 1993.
His documentaries, essay-films and music films also received recognition at countless international film festivals (Berlin, Rotterdam, Montreal, Edinburgh, New York, Leipzig, etc): "Frozen Stories (Jahre der Kälte)" (1994); "Sid&Nancy - Ex&Pop" (1996); "The Place" (Berlinale 1997); "Santos – Heroic Deeds No One Needs" (2005).
With the feature film "planet alex" (2000) Schüppel combined, in a rather unusual manner, his experience from music clips, documentary essays and feature films (Rotterdam (competition); Sochi (competition); Sarajevo (New Currents); Golden Horse,Taipeh, etc.). He is also known for his Berlinale-Opener/Trailer (Int. Filmfestival Berlin since 2002).

Cast & Crew
Elisabeth Wood (Fancie)
Einar Stenseng
Kat Frankie
Josepha & Philipp Conrad (Crazy for Jane)
Tommy Simatupang
Nathan Vanderpool

Concert Managers
Jan Junker
Sebastian Hoffmann

Club Managers
John Fitzgerald
Paul Carlin

Phil Freeborn

Script, Camera, Directed & Edited by
Uli M Schueppel

Production Manager
Sebastian Hoffmann

Sound & Sound Design
Martin Frühmorgen

Additional Camera & Light
Cornelius Plache
Pebba Meissner

Marie Sjoevold

schueppel-films 2007