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"Poetic, moving, amusing, and surprising.
A declaration of love on our city. Must see!"
3 of 4 Stars (zitty)

"Everybody that strands here is searching... and will find it."
(Die Welt)

"BerlinSong lets us see the city anew –
with the eyes of others. "
4 of 5 Stars (Elstermann/Radio1)

"Any expat can identify with the sentiment of this film and the poetic music..."
3 of 4 Stars (ExBerliner)

"A thoughtful portrait of the Kreuzberger life and the Singer-Songwriter-Scene."
(Berliner Zeitung)

"An atmospheric and poetic movie!"
3 of 4 Stars (arte-tv))

The film is magical, sentimental,
and poetic!
(Kurier, Vienna)


"Young people are once again looking for alternatives in these films. That’s also apparent in BerlinSong, a documentary by Uli M. Schueppel. People come to Berlin from around the world, partially for the same reasons as before, but these are different people than during the 1980s. Not necessarily loud and colourful, rather friendly and pensive. But they are also looking for alternatives to the pressure to consume and to status symbols. These elements are stronger this year: an alternative culture, once again occupied politically in conscious opposition to that which youth culture appears to consist of today: to be an individualist, but follow the mass." - Wieland Speck, director Berlinale Panorama

BerlinSong was selected for the 57th Berlin International Film Festival!
Read the Berlinale catalogue sheet (pdf)

BerlinSong is released on DVD (with over 40 minutes bonusmaterial & photo booklet).
Published on "good!movies" (Germany)

BerlinSong is a story about six musicians from Berlin's vibrant new folk underground music scene. They came to Berlin from the US, Norway, the Netherlands and Australia and somehow made the city their home. Filmmaker Uli M Schueppel made the artists show him what their very own place in Berlin is and asked each of them to write a song about the city. These reflections and projections on Berlin (or specifically Kreuzberg) merge with the writing process of the songs, recording in the studio and the preparation for a concert with all artists in the club "West Germany". BerlinSong is a poetic portrait of these musicians and at the same time, an atmospheric journey into the myth that is Berlin.

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Soundtrack out now through Solaris Empire!


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